Tommy McLaughlin’s “Three-Hour Tour!”

Duration: 3-hours

Location: Lake Como, Wisconsin

Adults only


This tour brings you to the serenity of the Lake Como wetlands. With motors off, the silence in this special 'thinking' spot will amaze you!

  • In today's crazy world, enjoy some quiet time in this most Mother Nature of places. The boat and water do so much to help you relax - enjoy!
  • A great one-hour lunch at Mars, then an extended boat ride to discover all things watery and natural. Peace and quiet at its best!
  • And the best part, this three-hour tour won't leave you stranded!

Not handicap accessible

Restroom on boat

Adult event only

Minimal walking, some steps

We meet and gather at Mars Resort at 11:00am on the south side of Lake Como, a few miles west of downtown Lake Geneva. Folks enjoy an 11:30am lunch and by 12:30pm it’s time to load onto the boat and begin the 1.5 hour boat ride and tour.

The tour takes the group along the shores of Lake Como and ultimately finds its way to the east end of the lake where the magical wetlands await.

Once there, Tommy McLaughlin adds more details about this sweet water body and helps people decompress as they take in the spirit and beauty of this special quiet spot on the water.

This tour offers people the chance to take a few deep breaths out on the water and let their minds run to spaces and places they don’t normally get to experience.

Come and enjoy this special opportunity out on a beautiful, big(45-foot) pontoon boat on a very special country lake!

Following a great lakeside lunch at Mars Resort we board their 45-foot pontoon boat for an extended tour of super sweet Lake Como

Mars Resort on Lake Como

Lake Geneva and Geneva Lake are jammed with people in the summertime -- Lake Como is the opposite and people really appreciate it -- come see for yourself!

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