Tommy McLaughlin’s “Gangsters On a Boat!” Tour

Duration: 3 hrs

Location: Lake Como, Wisconsin



Must be Legal Drinking Age

Chicago gangsters LOVED Lake Como in the 1920's. Bugs Moran was here, even after his wife left him and married a local innkeeper!

  • Come enjoy a lakeside lunch and beautiful boat ride as we witness where the gangsters used to be around Lake Como back in the day!
  • This will be a highlight of your Summer season as the magic of Lake Como washes over you -- it's real, come experience it - Como, baby!!
  • Hear the story of Bugs Moran and how the St. Valentine's Day Massacre broke up his marriage to Lucille and a lot more -- with juicy details!

It's a boat day! After lunch be ready for some boat action, and dress for it w/ sunscreen, hat etc.

People can anticipate a nice, casual lakeside lunch with a relaxing and enjoyable boat ride to follow. The boat ride brings us to some famed local spots where Prohibition Day gangsters actually hid out! The main bad guy hanging around Lake Como was Bugs Moran but others were definitely in attendance as well — you’ll hear the stories!

Lake Como really is a special place and you can be sure that you will enjoy spending some time out on the water on the brand new 45-foot pontoon boat from Mar’s Resort! It’s a beautiful boat and an engineering marvel that the boaters in the group, and everyone else, will really enjoy!

Let the magic of Lake Como embrace you as we tour lakeside spaces and places where Prohibition gangsters from 100 years ago hung out!

Mar's Resort on Lake Como, Wisconsin!

"There is no place like Como, there is no place like Como..." You won't want to click your heels together to go home, it's too nice around here! Como, baby - come share the joy!

W4098 S Shore Dr, Lake Geneva, WI 53147
Lake Geneva
Wisconsin 53147
United States

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