The 'Tommy McLaughlin Tours' spin out of the media work Tommy has been doing throughout his career. "These tours are really a culmination of everything I've been involved with professionally over the years", he says and adds, "This newest effort with the day-trip tours taps all of my personal and professional skill sets and I am really happy to be able to make the tours available to people. And what I especially like about it is that everybody wins!". Bookings for the tours are strong and as time goes by, the plan is to increase offerings on various levels.

Farmers, food, interesting hosts and busloads of people make this all work

Founding Energy Source/'Head Fred'

Founder Tom E. Laughlin with Grade 'A' Dairy farmer friend Arthur W. Johnson, Art runs Jerseys.

From Tom E. Laughlin

Life has brought me to this point of producing these day-trip tours and I absolutely love it. From the farm visits, rose gardens, cows, airplanes, gangster stories on a boat, good wine and food and so much more, I am honored to be able to bring people to these Wisconsin Wonderlands, and I look forward to meeting you somewhere down the road, or out on the water!