Here are some homegrown tours that will take you to some very special Midwestern places!

The 'Tommy McLaughlin Tours' all offer people the chance to step outside their routines to see some pretty great things, from farms and cows to the nuts and bolts of building a small airplane as well as gangster spots that are still here to see!

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"Barn Quilts and Back Road Farms Tour", 'Gangsters On a Boat!" Tour, "Let's Build an Airplane" Tour!

Each of these tours offer people something different, with great food, shopping and experiences along the way!

"Tommy McLaughlin's Barn Quilts Tour is wonderful! Every barn quilt was beautiful and unique, the dairy farms are incredible operations, and the rose garden will take your breath away. Tom has an immense knowledge of the area and his charisma and enthusiasm alone will keep you energized!

Emily from Sterling, Illinois